Pink Periscope with Wide Field of View Pink

Product Features Feature: Look Around Corners or Walls! Benefit: Perfect for Spy games or playing club house lookout! Feature: Optical Grade Mirrors. Benefit: Easily see without a wavy image. Very clear image makes it comfortable and fun to use! Feature: Shatter-Proof Acrylic Mirrors. Benefit: Provides no-worry fun and play for kids. Feature: Very Durable! Benefit: Durable, solid construction makes this … Read More

A talking telescope!

I guess that it could be a lot of kid’s dreams! 😉 Brighton Pier, Brighton, UK. 14Feb2008


Some of the equipment used to observe the Transit of Venus at our kids school this morning

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Explorers Binoculars

Product Features Explore the world with your very own set of kid tough binoculars Manual interocular adjusting makes it easier for kids to see Rubberized eye pieces and lens covers are comfortable and convenient See far distances with a built-in manual focus Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging Neck strap allows kids to take their favorite binoculars wherever they go