12″x12″ Solar Filter Sheet for Telescopes, Binoculars and Cameras

A good astronomer wants to use his telescope at night AND day. For this you need a high quality solar filter. Sunspots, eclipses and transiting satellites, all can be seen clearly and safely when using a black polymer filter. The sun will appear in a natural orange color through your telescope. Buying the sheet and making the filter on your … Read More

“Precision and Efficiency: Building NuSTAR’s Mirrors” by William W. Zhang

Many NASA projects involve designing and building one-of-a-kind spacecraft and instruments. Created for particular, unique missions, they are custom-made, more like works of technological art than manufactured objects. Occasionally, a mission calls for two identical satellites (STEREO, the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, for instance). Sometimes multiple parts of an instrument are nearly identical: the eighteen hexagonal beryllium mirror segments that … Read More

Star Gazing Session

All the astronomers (and hobbyists) were more than happy to share their view. I used no flash in my photos – did not want to upset people who had adjusted to the darkness. Hence, long shadows and blurry people who were moving (the shutter stayed open longer to adjust for lack of light).

Professional 8-24X40mm Zooming Monocular Telescope

The Straight Telescopic design provides the user with power, quality and comfort Convenient and portable Easy to use Precision uint offers sharp images that are great for terrestrial viewing Great for hunting, bird watching, sports events, boating, s

Hale Telescope Dome

External dome housing of the Hale Telescope, Palomar Observatory, Palomar Mountain, San Diego County, California.

Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone

NASA image release April 15, 2011 Goddard Space Flight Center Director Rob Strain (left) stands with Marshall Space Flight Center Director Robert Lightfoot. Between them, the James Webb Space Telescope mirror array is visible as it stands in the high bay clean room. The first six of 18 segments that will form NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror for … Read More