Orion 7211 Black 6×30 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder

Sometimes looking through a straight finder scope can be a strain, making you crouch down and crane your neck. Well, you can call off the chiropractors because our right-angle finder scopes let you view in contortion-free comfort! What’s more, they have a built-in Amici prism to provide a correctly oriented view – not upside-down as with standard finders. These achromatic, … Read More

Nikon Diopter -2.0 Correction Eyepiece for D50/70/70S/100/200, N50/60/65/70/80/6006, Pronea, FM10 cameras

Optional Nikon eyepiece diopters allow you to optimize your SLR viewfinder’s sharpness in conjunction with your individual eyesight.Eyepiece diopters are designed for specific camera models and are identified by a plus, a minus or a neutral numeric diopter value. . Standard eyepieces supplied with Nikon SLR cameras have no corrective value and are for dust protection only. Select eyepieces are … Read More

Oreck Cordless Electric Sweeper PR8100NC

A Clean Sweep. For those times when a vacuum is too inconvenient and a broom is too time consuming, reach for the Oreck PR8100NC Cordless Electric Broom! The PR8100NC is surprisingly lightweight and powerful for its size. It employs a battery-powered roller brush that sweeps dirt and bulkier items into its dustpan, which is easily removed for emptying. The PR8100NC … Read More

Celestron 93522 Dual Axis Motor Drive (Advanced CG4)

This dual axis motor drive, with drive corrector capabilities, is designed for Celestron’s CG-4 mounts for tracking in RA and allows movement in DEC. It precisely controls the telescope’s tracking speed during long, timed exposures of celestial objects, producing the best possible image sharpness. Precision drive correctors are a must for those with a serious interest in astrophotography or CCD … Read More

Orion Adventures in Astrophotography Bundle

Perhaps you’re interested in a hobby of astrophotography, but you are overwhelmed by all the different equipment options. Well you’re in luck! Orion has exactly what you’re looking for in our Adventures in Astrophotography Bundle. You don’t need a lot of fancy gear to start taking shots of the night sky. With just a few key pieces of astronomy equipment, … Read More

Webb Telescope Mirror Canisters

Four of the finished mirrors that will fly aboard NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope arrived at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Three primary mirrors and the one secondary mirror are now at Goddard. In this photo, an engineer guides one of the canisters containing a mirror segment while two other containers housing mirrors appear in the foreground. … Read More

White House

White House on 9/11/05 If you zoom in on the flagpole atop the White House, you’ll see someone with a telescope or something on the lookout.