Nikon D3100 – Telescopio Sky-Watcher Dobsonian 203mm/1200mm (8") – 100 lights, a ISO 6400/12.800 con DeepSkyStacker – Exposiciones de 1/2s a 1/4s. La nebulosa de Orión, también conocida como Messier 42, M42, o NGC 1976, es una nebulosa difusa situada al sur del Cinturón de Orión.6 Es una de las nebulosas más brillantes que existen, y puede ser observada a … Read More

Orion 07733 4.10-Inch ID Full Aperture Glass Telescope Solar Filter (Silver)

Who said you have to be in the dark to enjoy astronomy? Turning your telescope to the Sun is fun and educational. Watch the march of giant sunspots, the clouds of glowing vapor in the photosphere, and solar granulation detail. But be sure to protect your precious vision with a safe Orion solar filter! Looking at the Sun without one, … Read More

Star Gazing Session

This is a 1,000 power telscope, powered by a battery beneath it. An 800 power telescope is on top (black). Next few photos are sequential. The wire from the telescope goes to the computer if you click "next."

Galileo Visions CC-2800 800MM*60MM Astronomical Terrestrial Telescope

The Galileo CC-2800 is mounted on an Altitude Azimuth yoke mount. It’s easy use up and down, left and right movement is great for beginners and casual star gazers alike. Terestrial viewing is extremely easy due to the included 45° diagonal which produces a totally erect image. The Mount features a slow motion alitude adjustment rod for precision adjustments and … Read More


Waxing crescent moon, nearly first quarter, December 4, 2008, photographed with a hand-held Panasonic Lumix LZ-8 through Cuesta College’s 10" Dobsonian-mounted Orion Telescopes Newtonian reflector. Photo by Cuesta College Physical Sciences Division instructor Patrick M. Len.

Orion XT4.5 Dobsonian Telescope & Beginner Barlow Kit

Our SkyQuest XT4.5 is a quality telescope, with point-and-view simplicity that makes it easy to use and makes stargazing fun! The optical performance is far and away better than flimsy department store models. Its 4.5″ (114mm) mirror, housed in an enameled steel tube, gathers 260% more starlight than a 60mm refractor. More light means you can see a lot more … Read More

Pink TwinStar AstroMark 50mm 75x Power Refractor Telescope

Here is our best value, full-featured telescope. This simple to assemble and easy to use refractor telescope will amaze and astonish you with its outstanding views of the Moon, Saturn’s Rings and plenty of deep-space objects such as the Beehive star clusters, the Orion Nebulae and binary star systems. Sporting a 50mm objective lens and a long 600mm focal length, … Read More

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope – Amazon Exclusive

Gaze at celestial bodies and planets with the My First Lab Stargazer Telescope. Ideal for the budding astronomer in your family, the Stargazer features heavy-duty components, high-quality glass optics, and two eyepieces. Recommended for children of any age, the Stargazer offers everything needed for night-sky observations. My First Lab Stargazer Telescope is ideal for for children of any age. View … Read More