Moon, about 5:13AM EDT July 24, 2000. Images without Barlow pasted with Pixmaker Lite


July 11, 2000 about 10PM EDT. Composite of Three images through Questar, no Barlow, Olympus C2020Z Manually assembled in Picture Window. My favorite stitchers, PixMaker Lite and Photovista would not handle this.

Seymour Solar Telescope Filter (SF500) for Celestron: FirstScope 76, NexStar 4/4SE, C4, 102HD; Meade: ETX 105, DSX 102; Orion: ED 80/100, StarMax/Apex 102, AstroView 100, SkyView Pro 100; Tele Vue 101, 102; Questar 4.75″

This is a safe full aperture solar filter. This means that it allows the most light possible into the telescope because it allows the full aperture of your telescope to be viewed. The full aperture allows the best possible daytime viewing when there is minimal atmospheric turbulence. If turbulence is present a mask can be put over the end of … Read More

Seymour Solar Telescope Filter (SF425) for a Meade ETX 90, Celestron: Nexstar 80/80GT, 90 EQ, Orion: ShortTube 80, Observer 70, Astroview 90, Explorer 90; Questar 3.5; Williams Optics ZS80 II ED

This is a safe, full aperture, glass solar filter that fits any telescope or binoculars with a tube end diameter between 3 7/8″ and 4 1/8″. It will specifically fit a Meade ETX 90, Celestron NexStar 80, 80GT, Celestron 90 EQ, Orion ShortTube 80, Observer 70, Astroview 90, Explorer 90; Questar 3.5; and Williams Optics ZS80 II ED. It complies … Read More


This is pretty faithful to what Saturn looks like through a small telescope–atmospheric shimmering, and slowly sliding out of view due to Earth’s rotation.