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Spotting was fun. The telescope had some good range, and you can see tiny .22 bullet holes at 100 yards without a problem.

Spotting is basically letting the shooter know how well he shot, so that he can keep his eye on the target and not have to waste time checking this himself. I think the viewport size on the telescope was way wider than on the actual rifle scope, so you end up seeing more at the same distance, making it far easier for the spotter to observe something like "you missed the paper entirely and hit that rock below it" than it would be for the shooter to notice the same thing. At least, that was my impression after doing this once. I didn’t even know spotting was a thing until we were doing it.

Also, the tables were kind of neat. The seat could swing around to be left-handed or right-handed. Reminds me of those flipping benches at the nature walk in Assateague.

sitting, spotting.
The Misfits shirt, cigarettes, scope, targets, telescope.

West Side Shooting Range, firing range, Brandywine, West Virginia.

October 16, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: Since nobody wanted to go camping with us last weekend, Matthew invited us to go camping with him and some friends this weekend. We went off-roading, fishing, and then shooting at a firing range. Good times! So nice to not have to organize the trip for once!

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