2.1X Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing

Ideal for a wide range of applications when work needs to be carried out under a high-magnification lens, e.g. for retouching work in photography. Can also be used as a high-magnification vision aid.

* Magnification: 8x.
* Diopter: 32D.
* Lens Type: Aplanatic.
* Mount: High Grade White Plastic.
* Lens Material: PXM Plastic with Cera-tec Coating.
* Lens-to-Image Distance: 321 mm.
* Enlargement Ratio/Transverse Magnification: 9.1x.
* Maximum Allowable Add: 3D

Manufacture: Eschenbach
Origin: Germany

Product Features

  • Technical Magnifier

2 Comments on “2.1X Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing”

  1. javajunki

    Great for watching television or other needs for visually impaired If you or someone you know and love has a visual impairment these might be one of the more simple – and useful – products out there. Nothing high tech about them but rather a simple adjustment that allows you to “zoom in” or enlarge items. Allows some people with a visual impairment to watch television or see things at a distance…persons with regular vision such as myself will likely find them overly powerful unless you are like our favorite brother in law who borrows them to stare at the girls while on the beach without appearing obtuse (which he is but that’s another story entirely!).Pro’s – work very well for many forms of visual impairment.Simple to use – just put on and adjust to your desire.Easy to take along anywhere.Con’s – try to find a pair before buying. These did NOT work for my spouse until much later as vision deteriorated…they were simply too powerful at first. They also don’t work for all forms of vision loss.Tend to get scratched.Price. Like a lot of specialized items for the visually impaired, one gets the feelng these should cost a tiny fraction of what they sell for.

  2. Joseph

    Excellent product and service… My 95 year old mother has AMD – macular degeneration – in both eyes. These glasses permit her to improve her limited viewing of TV; while not a cure, they work quite well. The customer service department at Eschenbach is excellent with advice and information. I know these are recommended by optometrists and ophthalmologists in USA . Very good product and value through Amazon.

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